CAS No. 137339-65-2, Sfllrnpndkyepf


NLT 98%

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Chemical Name Sfllrnpndkyepf
CAS Number 137339-65-2
MDL Number MFCD00133815
Molecular Formula C81H118N20O23
Molecular Weight 1739.92
Introduction of 137339-65-2 :

Sfllrnpndkyepf is a synthetic thrombin receptor agonist peptide. In Vitro: Thrombin cleaves its receptor at arginine-41, resulting in the generation of a new receptor NH2-terminus with the sequence Sfllrnpndkyepf. This peptide (TRP-14) may signal a variety of thrombin's responses[1]. Sfllrnpndkyepf, representing the 14 amino acids starting with Ser-42 of the human thrombin receptor, was found to mimic the effect of thrombin on platelets. Cleavage of the human platelet thrombin receptor by thrombin exposes a new N-terminal which acts as a putative tethered ligand. Sfllrnpndkyepf, corresponding to the new N-terminal region, activates and induces platelet aggregation and serotonin secretion. Sfllrnpndkyepf is the minimal peptide length which retains full activity in inducing [14C]serotonin secretion[2]. TRAP induces rapid morphological changes in HUVECs, with marked increase in the release of prostacyclin, endothelin, platelet activating factor, tissue type plasminogen activator, and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1. Incubation of cells with TRAP also induces a rapid decrease in cell-surface thrombomodulin[3].

Purity NLT 98%
Storage at 20ºC 2 years
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