Custom Synthesis

001Chemical offers custom synthesis service to a wide variety of organic compounds from the milligram to kilogram scale at competitive price. We can handle difficult chemical synthesis projects that require fast turnaround and clear communication of results.

Our most frequent custom synthesis requests

  • - Small molecules entities / heterocycles as building blocks.
  • - Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Analogs, Metabolites.
  • - Reference compounds.
  • - Contaminants.
  • - Bio-active inhibitors.
  • - Specialty and Fine Chemicals.

We also provide custom synthesis of small scale APIs, intermediates and fine chemicals from milligram to kilogram quantities, including reference standards, impurities and metabolites.

Additional services include:

  • - Novel route design
  • - Literature synthesis
  • - Multi-step reaction schemes
  • - Process design and scale-up

We are a fast-paced company. Most quotations within 2 - 24 hours, but not over 48 hours.

Since we have a broad international connection with other suppliers and manufacturers, we can help you on all your chemistry needs, please feel free to contact us.